Erie County Legislature ratifies snow plow contract

BUFFALO — The Erie County Legislature approved a three-year extension of the snow plow contract with 31 local municipalities at a recent session. The county and towns collaborate to remove snow and ice from county roadways throughout the snow season. Without this contract and the assistance of town plows, the county would struggle to properly maintain all of its roadways.

“This is a good example of a regional partnership that benefits the entire community. The towns have been an asset in keeping county roads clear of snow and ice throughout the winter months and I am pleased that a fair deal has been reached. With measurable snow forecasted in just a few days, it is good to know that this issue is resolved and that towns are ready to assist the county,” said Majority Leader Joseph Lorigo.

The contract was approved 10-0 at the Legislature’s Nov. 17 session and will be approved by each town board.

With approval of this contract extension, the county agrees to pay the municipalities through August 2019.


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