Impact of hurricanes keeps driving up gas prices

Hurricanes driving up area gas prices

Prices at the pump continue to climb, according to the latest survey by AAA put out Thursday morning.

“Due to the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Irma, which was preceded by Hurricane Harvey, AAA Travel is very busy reaching out to members whose travel plans may be affected by the devastating storms,” the organization reported. “We are also monitoring Hurricanes Jose and Katia. AAA is keeping a close eye on gas prices across the United States, which have quickly risen as a result of Hurricane Harvey and the growing demand for gasoline in the path of Hurricane Irma.

• National – $2.67 (up 22 cents from a week ago)

• New York state — $2.83 (up 29 cents from a week ago)

• Buffalo — $2.73 (up 26 cents from a week ago)

• Rochester — $2.74 (up 27 cents from a week ago)

• Syracuse — $2.75 (up 30 cents from a week ago)

In northern Chautauqua County, prices continue to hover around $2.70 per gallon, which is up about 25 cents in the last 10 days.

During periods of extreme price volatility and supply disruptions, AAA provides prices to the public and quickly responds to media inquiries and provides objective information on the cost of travel and warnings on the potential for price-gouging. The state of Florida has already issued a hotline and has received calls regarding price gouging as motorists prepare for Irma.


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