Reynolds seeks Pomfret board seat

Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds has announced he is seeking election to the Pomfret Town Board.

“I have lived in Fredonia with my wife, Amy, and our three children: Mikayla, Caleb and Joshua for the past 13 years. After living in North Carolina for eight years, we chose to return to Chautauqua County to be close to our family,” he said.

“We chose to live in Fredonia based on community activity and the quality of our school. Throughout this time we have found that the people who make up Fredonia are the most caring, supportive and kind-hearted people.

“I believe that the Pomfret Town Board needs more members representing the people who live outside the village. The board needs to be fiscally responsible, but also meet the needs of the people who the board is tasked to represent. It is important to look at our infrastructure and be sure that we are making good decisions on when to repair and when to replace.

“Finding ways to save the taxpayers money, no matter how small, is another reason I want to be a part of the town council. The town and village need to work close together to meet the needs of our community. Our community is full of children, which is our greatest resource. I would like to work with members of the community to find grants that would enrich our community’s young people. These include finding ways to get activities that would keep children involved in our community and promote an atmosphere that would make other people want to become a part of our community.

“Our town and village are a great place to raise a family. We need to revitalize our community and make it a model for other communities. I want to work for our community to continue to make this a place where families want to come to and be a part of.”