Brocton students participate in Crayola’s recycle program

Submitted Photo Pictured are students from Mrs. Zappie’s class who participated in Crayola’s Color Cycle program this past school year.

BROCTON — This past school year, the Brocton Elementary School participated in Crayola’s Color Cycle program. The program was started by Mrs. Hornbuckle in an effort to help teach elementary students about recycling. The Crayola company will recycle any dried markers that would typically be thrown in a trash bin, and use the plastic tubes from those markers to make new ones. They accept markers, highlighters, dry erase markers, and markers in plastic tubes of any brand. Students put used, dry markers in bins located in their classrooms, the main office, the art room, and Mrs. Hornbuckle’s classroom to collect throughout the school year.

Each class submitted a “Guesstimate” to Mrs. Hornbuckle for how many total pounds they thought we could collect throughout this school year. Estimations were quite spread apart, with guesses from 2 pounds, all the way up to 500 pounds. The winning class is Mrs. Zappie’s, with the closest guess and is featured in the photo. Congratulations to Mrs. Zappie and her students!

Mrs. Hornbuckle would like to congratulate all students and staff on their fantastic efforts in collecting dry markers this school year. At the weigh in, the grand total of pounds of markers saved from a landfill was 25 pounds. The students learned how easy and fun it is to simply put an item in a bin instead of the trash and what a large impact that small action can make. 25-plus pounds of markers were shipped by Crayola and recycled for future use. Brocton Elementary students did a wonderful job and congratulations to all who participated.