Shakespeare on the Lake starts up today

Something new has arrived in town, first for just one week in 2017, and now for two weeks in 2018… Shakespeare on the Lake, two great plays (sorry, you already missed the hilarious Twelfth Night) held under the tent on the beautiful Lighthouse grounds. Lake breezes. Sunsets. What more can you ask for? How about a stellar cast and crew led by Ted Sharon, Janie Sharon, and Brittney Horan. A mixture of local actors, Fredonia students, and professionals know their stuff! First class entertainment for all.

You should certainly come this week, today through the 28th, that is Wednesday through Saturday at 7:30. Buy tickets for $14 at the door, free parking. Bring a blanket, a beverage of your choice, a picnic, or visit the food trucks before the show. An old favorite most of us know is being produced by a stellar cast and crew: Romeo and Juliet, the star-crossed lovers trapped between feuding families. Will love triumph over anger and violence? If you have forgotten the details, read a summary of the play online, Wikipedia is an easy source.

In Shakespeare’s day, the early 17th century, everyone went to the Globe Theatre to see his plays! Knew his great stories full of laughs, tears, comedy, tragedy, and wisdom galore. You needn’t be afraid that Shakespeare is only for brainy people! He was a master storyteller and we all love stories. Read a summary before you come to brush up on the characters and plot, then come for an evening of grand entertainment.