The importance of constructive feedback

The Concord Spellbinders Toastmasters Club will host a training “The Importance of Constructive Feedback,” on Wednesday, July 25 at 7 p.m. at SUNY Fredonia, Room No. 118, Jewett Hall, 280 Central Ave., Fredonia.

Ned Lindstrom is presenting a training on how members benefit from the constructive feedback of their speeches in order to learn and improve. Members receive encouragement and suggestions for each speech, building positive results.

Ned Lindstrom is presenting a speech focusing on the positive constructive feedback on public speaking and leadership skills. These, like any skill, they can be developed and improved, through practice.

People join Toastmasters clubs to improve their speaking and leadership skills; they accomplish their goals through a program of self-guided and initiated study and practice. When members receive an evaluation on a speaker or leader, the purpose is to provide honest reaction in a constructive manner to the person’s efforts, using evaluation. Lindstrom’s presentation focuses on how to improve your own speaking skills by teaching others in the form of speech evaluations.

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