Independence Party endorses Rosas for Mayor

The Independence Party, represented by Thom Shagla, left, endorse Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas, right.

“As we enter into another election year the Independence Party is proud to endorse Willie Rosas for re-election to the position of Mayor in the City of Dunkirk.” Thom Shagla, Chairman of the Independence Party stated.” He went on to say, “Making the decision to once again endorse Willie was easy. We, the board members, have watched as Mayor Rosas has worked tirelessly to bring the City of Dunkirk to the forefront of economic development, job growth, waterfront development and returning pride and integrity to the City’s administration.

During his first term in office, Mayor Rosas has not only upgraded the fire halls, police department, public works facilities and city offices, but he has also provided funding for the maintenance of the historical museum. In his first eighteen months in office he successfully negotiated all four of the city’s collective bargaining agreements. He brought in state funds to renovate and upgrade Point Gratiot, Wright Park and Kosciuszko Park. Streets, water lines and bridges were a priority and many have been repaired and/or replaced. Residents living on Howard Avenue now have a bridge allowing for fire protection which they did not have for over ten years. Both the Wastewater Treatment and Water Filtration plants have been upgraded, and the city of Dunkirk is now the sole supplier of water to the North County Water District. All of these things were accomplished by Mayor Rosas and his team without adding to the tax burden of our residents. Under his administration not only has Mayor Rosas brought in over $10 million of grant funding, but the City’s auditors have confirmed that the city has been operating in the black by over $1.4 million annually since 2016; and that’s just the beginning. Mayor Rosas successfully worked with Governor Cuomo and his administration to secure LED lighting for all City facilities and streets saving the taxpayers over $250,00 annually.

We hear a lot of rhetoric about transparency, Mayor Rosas not only believes in transparency in his administration, but he has upgraded the local television access channel, Dunkirk Access, bringing meetings, events, press conferences, local issues, and shows featuring current events into the homes of the city residents. Residents are provided with call in numbers, email addresses to bring their issues and concerns directly to him; and their concerns are answered – this is true transparency.

Mayor Rosas believes in the residents and he listens; he continues to work with developers to enhance our waterfront. It is through his efforts that State funding has been secured for renovations, repairs and upgrades to the city pier allowing for a more family and pedestrian friendly venue. World class air shows and boat races have been brought to the City, and Dunkirk is now part of thee “I Love NY” campaign.

If it sounds like a lot has been accomplished during Mayor Wilfred Rosas’ first term, that’s because it has, but I have only touched on his accomplishments here – there are many, many more. Mayor Rosas hit the ground running in 2016, and he isn’t ready to stop. He epitomizes the very essence of what the Independence Party stands for … “growth through unity of purpose.”

When it comes to endorsements, the Independence Party has looked long and hard at what is best for the area and who is the best candidate for Mayor of the City of Dunkirk; there is only one man who fits that bill and that is Willie Rosas, and we are proud and honored to once again endorse him for the position of Mayor of the City of Dunkirk.

Shagla said, “The Independence Party has watched Mayor Rosas, and we have seen what he has accomplished during his first term. Mayor Rosas has a proven track record of integrity and a sense of purpose. He holds himself and his department heads accountable for their duties, financial responsibilities, and ensures that there is transparency in each department. He is the proven leader that Dunkirk needs for the next four years and beyond to keep the city of Dunkirk moving forward. He has shown true leadership and a willingness to listen to those in his community and to make himself available to the residents he serves. His pledge to maintain a positive vision, proven leadership, accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility is the very essence of who Willie Rosas is and why he has earned this endorsement.”