It takes a team to start a revolution

A strong community team is driving forward with an eye on the prize of landing season five of the Small Business Revolution and a $500,000 investment toward revitalizing Fredonia.

“This effort has really snowballed and it is amazing to be part of it,” stated David Dengler, of the Fredonia Community Chamber and owner of Larson Timko Funeral Home. “The businesses are excited and actively participating, it is heart-warming to see the community come together and rally around this opportunity. This is a team effort as everyone in the community is playing a role in this. The local media, fire department, police department, our small businesses, community organizations, the chamber, community volunteers and elected officials.”

“We have had a team of people out meeting with businesses and the business owners are excited and engaged,” stated Michele Joy, Incoming President of the Fredonia Community Chamber of Commerce and owner of ‘Til You Drop Shoppe’. “As a small business owner who spends a lot of time with my business peers I can tell you that being part of the Small Business Revolution show and bringing the expertise of Deluxe to this community would be game changer. This community is ready for this opportunity.”

“This has truly been a team effort with many members of the community and business organizations supporting it in their own unique ways,” stated Doug Essek, Village Trustee and Mayor Elect. “We need to maintain the momentum throughout December and into January.”

The community can help in a lot of other ways. As part of the effort to bring the Small Business Revolution to Fredonia, community members are encouraged to be pro-active on social media platforms.

¯ Take a moment to like the Small Business Revolution Page at: facebook.com/smallbizrev/

¯ Take a moment to like the Fredonia Community Chamber of Commerce Facebook page

¯ Post on social media using the following criteria

¯ Tag Deluxe and the Small Business Revolution in your social media posts – handles are as follows:

Facebook: @smallbizrev; @deluxecorp

Twitter: @smbizrevolution; @deluxecorp

Instagram: @smallbusinessrevolution; @deluxecorp

Incorporate the following hashtags as applicable:

#smallbusinessrevolution #deluxe #myfredonia

¯ Post photos, share stories and anecdotes about what you love about Fredonia.

Hang a poster and put out a yard sign at your business or your home

Small Business Revolution is a production of Deluxe®. Deluxe has been a proud champion of small business since 1915. The company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015, creating the Small Business Revolution as a way to celebrate the small businesses that drive our economy and bring our communities together, and create a movement of support. As a leading provider of marketing services and products for small businesses, Deluxe Corporation believes that small businesses are the future of the American economy.

For those business and community members interested in participating and supporting Fredonia in the Small Business Revolution contact David Kleparek, Fredonia Community Chamber Coordinator at 366-6200 or dkleparek@chautauquachamber.org.