Appeal filed in conviction for superintendent’s murder

The appeal of a second-degree murder conviction for a Virginia man who shot and killed a Clymer school superintendent in September 2012 will be decided by the Fourth Department Appellate Division.

Rochester attorney Donald Thompson spoke Tuesday on behalf of 49-year-old Anthony “Rob” Taglianetti II. The former Woodbridge, Va., man was convicted in November 2013 for the killing of Clymer Superintendent Keith Reed Jr.

Reed, 51, had been reported missing by colleagues and friends on Sept. 23, 2012. Early the next morning, Chautauqua County sheriff’s deputies returned to the Clymer residence with a K-9 unit and, after a short search, discovered Reed’s body about 100 feet from his home.

According to the prosecution, Taglianetti became enraged after discovering an online affair between his wife, Mary, and Reed in August 2012. Driving 350 miles from his home in Virginia to Clymer, Taglianetti searched for Reed at Clymer Central School before shooting him at his home on Sept. 21, 2012.

Thompson argued before the Fourth Department Appellate Division on Tuesday that Chautauqua County Court erred in not allowing Taglianetti’s attorneys to enter a notice of intent to provide a mental health defense. Taglianetti was represented at trial by Public Defender Ned Barone.

“The lower court completely failed to exercise any discretion concerning the belated filing of the 250.10 notice, noticing the intention to present a mental health defense,” Thompson said during oral arguments.