Pump prices continue to tumble

Prices at the pump are continuing their steep decline, AAA reports this morning.

The national average has dropped to $2 per gallon — with about half of the country under the $2 mark. Prices are always higher in New York state, the agency says, so it will take us longer to get to that point, but it may be on the way if the current situation continues.

Prices in Dunkirk-Fredonia, as of this morning, are as low as $2.21 per gallon.

Here is a snapshot:

Batavia – $2.42 (down three cents since last week)

Buffalo – $2.37 (down four cents since last week)

Rochester – $2.33 (down six cents since last week)

Syracuse – $2.28 (down six cents since last week)

Watertown – $2.33 (down six cents since last week)


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