Sherman town, village to discuss property annexation

The town and village of Sherman are set to discuss the annexation of two properties from the town to the village.

Recently, the village purchased two properties with the intent of building a solar farm. This follows the planned expansion of the wastewater treatment plant in the village, which is what the first property that the village is looking to annex was purchased for. The area for annexation is about 62 acres on the west side of the Village boundary. It runs parallel along State Route 430.

Village Mayor Colleen Meeder said there were already solar panels on the property, and buying the second property was recommended because of the expansion. The property is in the vicinity of 176 W. Main St.

“The purpose of this development is to support the three Village utility services — water, wastewater, and stormwater — and the respective operations and the capital improvement projects ensuring stable and sustainable infrastructure for the Village of Sherman,” Meeder said.

Annexing a property involves making a property in a township a part of a municipality such as a village. The property is required to share a border with the village.

Town Supervisor Mark Persons said the town is hesitant to allow this to happen.

“There is always a cause and effect,” Persons said. “If we annex this property it will take away the potential benefits for the town that we could have with the property located in the town. The town is not willing to let this property go until we have more of a discussion about what we may lose through annexation.”

Meeder added there are no residents in the property that is being discussed, and that all municipalities — County, School, Town, and Village — will benefit from the tax revenue from the development, by way of a payment in lieu of taxes, or PILOT. She said this is where it has become confusing for some people.

“People are being told that this will take away tax revenue from the town,” Meeder said. “This is not the case. The town will have an increase in tax revenue.”

The village and town are set to have a meeting tonight at 6 to discuss the situation. The public is allowed to come to the meeting — which will be held at the Sherman Fire Hall, 122 Park Street — and voice their opinions as well.

Meeder said the purpose of this meeting is to hold a conversation about whether the proposed annexation is in the best interest of the public.

“The two boards will then determine if a joint resolution is the right next step,” Meeder said. “I think it is clear that this is in the public interest. I see no reason why it wouldn’t be.”

Persons hopes that at the meeting the village will lay out their reasons for why they want this property.

“They have not done that yet,” Persons said. “They have not said why they chose to take this route instead of negotiating. This meeting will give us the ability to discuss, explore the situation and hopefully find some common ground. The public will have the opportunity to voice their opinions as well.”


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