Wind tower construction delayed until 2018

ARKWRIGHT — The Arkwright Wind Farm has yet another roadblock preventing its completion, making it so that it could be at least a year before the landscape will see a number of turbines dotting the skyline.

According to Town Supervisor Frederic Norton, while most things will still be going according to plan, the actual erection of the turbines will now not be taking place until 2018.

“It is being postponed because the electric grid has to be reengineered, and despite the fact that the company that owns (the electric grid) has known about this coming for ten years, they haven’t gotten around to doing it,” said Norton.

The company requires a period of time to reengineer the electric grid so that it is able to carry the electric load that the wind farm will be generating. The company has been, reportedly, working with National Grid to try to work it all out.

Norton cannot say for sure if there was something that could have been done to prevent this miscommunication, but knows that the engineers are working hard with the electric company to try to speed up the process.

“The developer is hopeful that they will be erecting the windmills in the spring (of 2018.) Hopefully they can get them hooked up in the spring,” Norton said. He expects the fall of 2018 would be the latest before they’re constructed.

Soon, the engineers will be clearing the way to build the access roads and working on the electricity, wires and lines they’re able to put in themselves, as well as putting in the turbine foundations. The only thing being postponed at this point in time is the erection of the windmills.


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