Howard Ave. culvert project is progressing

Submitted Photo An example of what the new Howard Ave. culvert will look like after construction.

When it comes to infrastructure, a lot goes unseen — either underground or behind the scenes.

The city of Dunkirk’s Howard Avenue culvert project hasn’t seen heavy equipment roll up yet, but still much has been done.

“We are further ahead in our project than any other Western New York BridgeNY project. We are ready to go out to bid in July,” City Engineer Randy Woodbury said recently.

During the Department of Public Works Committee meeting, intern Matthew Zirkle summarized a report for Common Council members.

He said the report lays out a plan that will change the design from a three-sided arch to a pre-cast, four-sided box culvert. The new construction will also add sidewalks on both sides of the culvert, according to Zirkle.

The project was awarded $750,000 to complete and construction is expected to cost $622,000.

The report also details the results of the hydrologic and hydraulic study, geotechnical report and hazardous waste/contaminated material assessment.

Later, Woodbury reported a piece of land in the northwest corner of the construction area will be gifted to the city by owners Jamestown Electric in order to move the project forward faster. The project will soon be put out to bid.