Questions surround city code enforcement officer’s absence

Allan Zurawski

There’s questions surrounding the absence of an official tasked with ensuring code compliance within the city of Dunkirk.

Allan Zurawski, longtime code enforcement officer, was in attendance for the Aug. 21 meeting of Dunkirk Common Council. But as of recently, he hasn’t been working. His name has also been taken off the city’s website under the building and zoning department contacts.

While city officials couldn’t confirm, sources say a complaint was reportedly filed against Zurawski that the city’s investigating.

A call by the OBSERVER was made earlier in the week to the building and zoning department for Zurawski. He wasn’t in the office as he’s reportedly on vacation.

The position of code enforcement officer is appointed by the mayor with the consent from Common Council. Per the city charter, if a vacancy were to occur with the position, the mayor would fill the position with the consent from Common Council for the remainder of the unexpired term. The code enforcement officer is selected from the competitive class of Civil Service.

Zurawski has served more than 20 years as code enforcement officer in the city.