Silver Creek preparing tennis, pickleball courts

OBSERVER Photo by Jo Ward The resurfaced and lined tennis courts near the park in Silver Creek being readied for action.

SILVER CREEK — The tennis courts in Silver Creek are sealed, striped and ready for game time, Mayor Jeff Hornburg stated at the July board meeting.

“We have two tennis courts down at the park,” Hornburg began. “What we did was seal and resurface both areas. One of the areas is for tennis only, and it has been striped for tennis only, it’s blue in color. The other court, has been set up in such a fashion that there’ll be a tennis net there that divides two pickleball courts. So you’ll be able to have two pickleball games going at one time, and should there be no pickleball going, the court is striped in such a way, that you can move the pickleball nets which are portable and play tennis.”

This was a three-year project that the village saved for. They will have a grand opening, of sorts, once everything gets up and running and people pertinent to this endeavor, return from vacations.

The mayor was also quick to squash community concern over the fountain. Apparently when the fountain was opened for the year there was an unforeseen leak that caught everyone off guard.

“For those who have seen the fountain down, we’ll be working on it after the Grape Festival,” Hornburg said. “When we opened up the fountain this year and filled it up with water, the first day, we lost about 12 to 14-inches overnight. We drained the fountain, went back in and the DPW (Department of Public Works) tried to patch what they thought it could be and they slowed it down, but it was still leaking, so we shut it down.”

Mayor Hornburg talked about bringing out an old ring to use during the festival so that the fountain can be active for at least that, but he’s pushing, along with others, to get the current ring fixed before the event.

“We’re in the works of repairing it now sooner than later. We were planning on working on it now and getting it done in October, but that’s not going to happen, now we’re fighting to try and get it done before the Grape Festival.”