Landis to release audit details

An audit referenced by Fredonia Mayor Athanasia Landis in December will finally be presented to the village Board of Trustees and the public on Feb. 4.

The audit was supposed to be submitted at the board’s Jan. 7 meeting. Treasurer Jim Sedota told the OBSERVER last week that J.M.A., the firm handling the audit, had staffing problems due to illnesses and was unable to submit it at that time.

Sedota said when J.M.A. makes its presentation Feb. 4, the audit will be considered to be formally submitted to the board and will be public information. A copy will be available in Fredonia Village Hall for anyone to look at.

Landis based a Dec. 11 letter to the OBSERVER on a meeting with the auditors in which they disclosed their preliminary findings to her. She wrote that the audit will show a capital project fund with more than $1.3 million in it, and that the village’s fund balance exceeds levels recommended by the state comptroller. It also found an underbilling of water and sewer service to SUNY Fredonia amounting to more than $140,000, she added.