Brooks-TLC Hospital System defends decision

Location, location, location

OBSERVER Staff Report

The Brooks-TLC Hospital System is planning on building a new hospital at the former Cornell Cooperative Extension site in Fredonia. Since the announcement in January, there have been a number of questions from the community regarding the proposal.

The Brooks-TLC Hospital system is responding to a number of questions, including:

¯ Why do we need a new hospital?

¯ Why can’t the current hospital be updated?

¯ How was the new site selected?

¯ What other sites in Dunkirk were considered?

¯ What will the hospital look like?

¯ How much will the project cost and where are the funds coming from?

¯ Why is the proposed hospital smaller than the current facility?

¯ How will a new hospital help recruit physicians to the area?

¯ What is the timeline for construction?

≤ What about Dunkirk residents who can’t easily get to Fredonia?

¯ What will happen to the current hospital structure?

Brooks-TLC Hospital System’s entire response to all these questions and more is on Page A5 in today’s paper.