Grants in place for Sheridan Bay Park improvements

SHERIDAN — The town board has been having a successful start to 2019, with the acquisition of two new grants, in addition to one already in the bank, for improvements to Sheridan Bay Park. As of the latest meeting Wednesday, the board plans to meet with Jeff Smith of Municipal Solutions to discuss the administration of a $90,000 State Parks and Recreation grant.

“Sheridan has been very lucky with grants this year,” said Town Supervisor John Walker of the grants. “The culmination of a grant that came several years ago, and also two new ones this year — one from the Wilson Foundation and the other from the New York State Department of Recreation and Historic Preservation — (is for) Sheridan Bay Park.”

Walker also noted the functions of each grant and what they were used towards. “The $22,000 for the Wilson Foundation grant, that was the one we used for recreational equipment — resurfacing, glass backboards with adjustable height, a full-size beach volleyball court, a large jungle gym set and a four-seat swingset.”

The DASNY grant, the largest of the grants given, is going towards water lines along Route 5. “$100,000 we got was a Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) grant, that one’s for improvement to the park, which will be going for all new water lines and for amp service to the campsites,” Walker stated. “Some will go for drainage as well, some of the drainage has already been done.”

Construction along Route 5 has been going on since last Monday, and addresses the drainage concerns that have been an issue for the town for awhile now. “When the state built Route 5 and they had water stuck on the south side, what they did is they put in a conduit and basically let it flow to the other side,” Walker said of the matter. “Which in turn, would go to the lake. Well, we’re between Route 5 and the lake.”

The effect on the park will be monumental in keeping campers dry, as Walker went on to comment. “The water comes from Route 5 all across the park. So, what we’re in the process of trying to do is making sure it goes into the lake where it belongs and not the campsites.”

The final grant, which calls for much more research and preparation than the other two, will also go for drainage. “The last one is the State Parks and Recreation which amounts to $90,000 in cash,” Walker noted. “Which the guys will be doing for drainage. Our guys will also be doing the digging for the water and electric lines. Then we’ll open the bids and basically they’ll work with the highway department’s time frame.”

The administration of the grant, if completed by Municipal Solutions, comes out to $4,500 for the town. “Jeff Smith at Municipal Solutions has done work for the town before, and the fee to do the administration of this grant – the 10% buy-in and 15% match grant in the state’s $90,000,” Walker said. “The cost from Municipal Solutions would be $4,500, based on an hourly rate of $142 plus reimbursable expenses.”

With reimbursement expected upon successful filing, Walker predicts the town will come out just fine in the exchange. “When you file correctly, then you get reimbursed,” he stated. “Basically, I think we’ll come out okay.”