Council discusses city clean-up efforts

OBSERVER Photo by Jo Ward The house on the 400-block of Deer Street that burned down last Fourth of July, was torn down recently to allow for redevelopment.

Building and Zoning Code Enforcement Officer Glenn Christner took some time at Dunkirk’s last Common Council meeting to explain the steps taken to get an overgrown lawn in the city mowed.

“If I receive a report or complaint of tall grass in need of cutting, I first go out and look at it,” Christner stated. “If it’s more than six-inches tall, I send the property owner a notice of violation with seven days given to correct it. If it’s not mowed within that time, we then assign the lawn to a private contractor who comes in at the owner’s expense.”

The process takes some time to complete, but so far his office has sent out 15 notices and 20 contracts in the last several weeks.

Cleanup has been a focal point in the city as the area begins plunging into summer. So far, the house that burned down on Deer Street on July 4, 2018 has been demolished with the house on the corner of Roberts Road and Lakeshore Drive being looked at soon. The Department of Public Works had crews out cleaning up the beaches, with sailors from the Navy doing training in the area this past weekend helping out as well.

Mayor Wilfred Rosas took time to comment on the pier project noting that “the contractors are working very hard over there. They’re actually ahead of schedule.”

Rosas went on to share that the city began the paving process and that the new Pier 30 cabana bar will be going to construction in about a week.