Dunkirk Teachers Association President sees things improving



Safety is still a pressing concern for some in the Dunkirk City School District. At the regular meeting this month, Valarie Csont, president of the Dunkirk Teacher’s Association, teacher at School 3 and parent, brought up some positive changes that have taken place since the fatal stabbing in May that shook the community.

“There have been a couple of things put in place in the high school and also the elementary schools as well,” Csont began.

“One of those things is having off-duty officers talking to the children as they’re walking through. It’s wonderful to have them there. We’re hoping that maybe into the fall they’ll continue to be around.”

She cited a lock down held recently at the high school and a paper that was passed out with different types of drills listed.

According to Csont however, there’s still a lot of work to do. “There’s concerns to address, and we’re worried that this is just going to die because summer happens and people are busy, and we’re going to start September in the same spot or worse,” she stated. “These are small steps, but they’re good.”