Hanover board updated on recreation program

HANOVER — A recent meeting of the Hanover Town Board was kicked off with the swearing in of a new town justice. Justice McGowan was sworn in by Justice Hall at the start of the regular meeting, following a brief workshop in the town hall.

Deputy Supervisor Louis Pelletter provided an update on the status of the summer recreation program, noting a likely start date to kick things off. “Youth Rec, we’re in the process of hiring our director and assistant director,” Pelletter stated. “We’ll be having it in the ballpark, the same time as we had last year, probably after the Fourth of July, (the same) six-week program.”

Pelletter also addressed one noted instance of concern, the rain-out day location for the program. “We’re going to split rainy days, traditionally we just sent the kids home from the school,” he noted. “This year what we’re going to do if there’s a rainy day is take half to First United Church, then the rest would stay in the ballpark pavilion, we’ll have enough space for that under rainy conditions.”

While the space issue has been cleared up, another regarding transportation to the summer swimming program remains unresolved.

“The problem is going to be the school, while they can’t do youth rec, they’re going to do the swim program,” Pelletter said. “The Silver Creek school bus may go by the ballpark and they would be able to pick up the kids, but I don’t know how we’re going to coordinate that, bringing them back and forth, but they did say they might be able to do that with no cost.”

Pelletter also noted, “We did lose our funding, we used to get $1,500 for bussing the kids from Forestville to Silver Creek. We lost that for the pool program, so we’re going to have to do something different.”

Silver Creek Mayor Jeffrey Hornburg, who was also in attendance at the meeting, commented that the village will continue working in conjunction with the town on the youth rec program. “(Glad) the ballpark is working out and the program is moving forward, I’m ecstatic about that,” Hornburg commented. “The town and village will work together on that again as we have in the past.”

Trustee Edward Schintzius also made a call for any lifeguards to apply to the Town of Hanover from anywhere around Western New York. “We really need lifeguards for our swimming pool area. It’s a very good rate for the students, it’s a beautiful part-time job,” he said. “We really need to get certified lifeguards.”

Schintzius also gave contact information for any interested. “There are programs throughout western New York where kids can get them, there aren’t a lot of kids certified,” he noted. “We have a few kids coming back this year, but I would like to get more. If we do reach anyone interested that is a certified lifeguard, if they could please call the town clerk at 716-934-2273.”

In other news, Supervisor Todd Johnson executed the agreement with the Village of Silver Creek for police protection for 2019 at a cost not to exceed $293,691.78, with payments to be made on March 1, 2019, June 1, 2019, September 1, 2019 and December 1, 2019.

The board also approved the fireworks display permit, pursuant to penal law article 405 section 2, Skylighters of New York, LLC, 10770 Allegany Road, Forestville, for June 8, 2019. “The application, certificate of insurance and map have been received and filed,” Johnson noted.

A proposed motocross/dirt bike park that was drawing recent attention also reportedly withdrew their application for a zoning variance. The action follows a recent town ZBA meeting, where a large number in attendance reportedly voiced their opposition to the facility.