Hanover passes moratorium on building in Forestville

OBSERVER Photo by J.M. Lesinski Members of the Forestville community, pictured, were present at the Hanover Town Board meeting Monday, to experience the passing of Local Law #1 of 2019 for the hamlet.

HANOVER — The public hearing for Local Law No. 1, adopting a six-month moratorium on certain commercial development and residential conversions from single family residency in Forestville, was held at the recent Hanover Town Board meeting Monday.

Nancy Adams of Imagine Forestville gave a brief speech on the idea behind the law. “I’d like to give a little background on the reasoning of the planning board in bringing forward the moratorium,” Adams began. “The town of Hanover in passing the moratorium is taking a reasonable measure temporarily to protect the public interest and welfare until an ordinance is finally adopted.”

Adams continued to say, “With the adoption of the moratorium, the planning board hopes to prevent a rush to development, prevent inefficient and ill-conceived growth, prevent hasty decisions that could disadvantage landowners and the public and prevent immediate construction that may be inconsistent with the provisions of a future plan.”

Closing out her comments, Adams also noted, “As you know, we’re working very hard to deliver a plan to you that can be approved and the six months will give us the time to properly plan.”

Deputy Supervisor Louis Pelletter then asked Adams, “Is this zoning with the county, are we going to have one zoning law including the old Forestville village, or are we going to have it be separated?”

In response, Adams stated, “The plan is for the village of Forestville to be a hamlet, like any other hamlet in the town of Hanover, with the specific understanding of it’s unique characteristics…It’s a hamlet like Irving.”

Following the close of the public hearing, Local Law #1 was passed unanimously by the town board.


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