Old maps draw interest in Silver Creek

Mapping the future

OBSERVER Photo by J.M. Lesinski Hanover Deputy Supervisor Louis Pelletter, left, displays two maps he recently recovered in the Silver Creek village historical room. The maps, designed as part of a previous lakewater revitalization project, could be very well accomodated into a number of currently anticipated projects for the village, including Hideaway Bay.

SILVER CREEK — The resurgence of two related design maps for a lakewater revitalization project piqued the interest of those in attendance at the latest Silver Creek Village Board meeting.

Hanover Deputy Supervisor Louis Pelletter was eager to share the maps with those in attendance, providing a brief summary of where they originated from. “(These are) from the nineties, for that Lakewater Revitalization (project), I was on the committee back then,” Pelletter began. “I believe this was done during Betty Turzillo’s administration.”

The plans never came to fruition, likely due to monetary restraints, according to Pelletter. “They did a study and they had these drawings, they were on the wall there for a number of years,” he noted. “You guys (the board) were talking about the beach front, and it’s already been done, and now certainly this (cost) is millions, probably why it didn’t get done, but it is a conceptual plan.”

The conceptual plan, which was noted by Mayor Jeffrey Hornburg to have similarities to one of Trustee Warren Kelly’s current plans, has many amenities that align with some proposed current projects. “They are relatively nice, and it really has everything, even George Borrello Park in there,” Pelletter commented.

At a recent Hanover Town Board meeting, Pelletter also made note of a very early stages plan to designate Route 20 as a scenic byway, which could potentially open paths further in possible development plans.

“The Historic Route 20 Association, they’re going to try and make Route 20 like the Route 5 Scenic Byway, except they’re not going to make it a New York State Seaway Trail, which has a lot of regulations to it,” Pelletter said of the designation. “They’re just going to make it a historic Route 20 scenic byway designation, and not the same as a seaway trail.”

At the same meeting, Pelletter suggested the incorporation of a historic marker for the original settlement in Silver Creek as well. “We could incorporate historic Main Street…we could put our historic marker for the original Fayette settlement there as a designation…and we could do the WWII Role of Honor monument the same time we do that,” he stated of the matter. “Put some historic monuments there in addition to the park.”

Though optimistic, Pelletter remained a realist regarding the potential cost increase since the original design was created. “You can see they have the pier on Lake Avenue, condos there on Hideaway, and they did a good job, but like I said it would be millions,” he noted. “I just happened to find them…I’m pretty sure this came out of that lakewater revitalization back in the nineties.”

Pelletter also commented, “There’s been a lot of talk through the years, they wanted to move Front Street back in the 70’s/80’s…that was kind of incorporated in this to some degree…What I hoped for was to take one of these little projects and turn it into sections, whether it be the pier or (others).”

Closing out his comments, Pelletter placed the framed maps at the front of the room, close to where they hung when they were originally debuted. “Now the county owns Hideaway, so we had talked about making that village park (there), that would kind of fit in there,” he noted. “I’m going to leave these (maps) right here, unless you want to do something else with them, I’ll leave it up to your discretion.”

In other news, the village board approved the purchase of a new spray ring for the village fountain from RingTru Fountain Spray Rings at a cost not to exceed $1,500.

The next meeting of the Silver Creek Village Board will be Monday, July 1 at 7 p.m.