Pomfret: No pet burials in Forest Hill Cemetery

Pet remains will remain out of Forest Hill Cemetery for the time being.

At the June meeting of the Pomfret Town Board, the discussion was nipped in the bud after several board members shared their thoughts on the possible policy change.

“Just because I bought a cemetery plot, doesn’t mean that ‘Fido’ gets to go into it before I do,” stated Town Supervisor Don Steger. Discussion was rampant, possible revisions to the proposed policy such as an increase cost for opening a grave to inter a pet were brought up as well as the financial costs to the town to have an employee venture out and dig a grave.

“Does it open us up for a lot of issues,” Councilwoman Ann Eckman asked. “Or do we just say we’re not going to allow it? As a separate burial, whatever happens in a casket, happens in a casket, and that doesn’t concern us.”

Most boardmembers were flexible to go either way on the issue, but some felt that crossing this line would open the town up for trouble in the future. In the end, discussion was halted and the policy is no longer moving forward.