Apology sought for terminated code enforcement officer

OBSERVER Photo by Jo Ward Nancy Nichols wants the city apologize publically to former Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Operator Allan Zurawski.

Former city of Dunkirk Building Inspector, Allan Zurawski was a topic of discussion during the privilege of the floor portion of the last Dunkirk’s Common Council meeting.

“It has been a year now since the huge front page press release regarding our building inspector being labeled as ‘missing in action’ and all the allegations he was accused of making the headlines,” resident and Fourth Ward Council candidate Nancy Nichols stated. “I understand the situation has been resolved and he has been cleared of all alleged accusations that he was then accused of permitting. I think it’s about time that our city’s elected officials make a formal front-page apology to him and his family, for the humiliation all of them were put through.”

Following the meeting, City Attorney Richard Morrisroe commented to the OBSERVER that “the official word on Al Zurawski is that Al is now enjoying retirement. That’s all we’re going to say. He is officially retired as of March. There was never any exoneration. It was a settlement. Settlement means that nobody takes blame. Al is enjoying retirement, he got everything he was entitled to as a retiree after putting in all the years he did.”

Zurawski served more than 20 years as code enforcement officer for the city before being terminated following a complaint filed against him in August of 2018. Soon after the city brought on Warren Kelly as a temporary replacement in early September of that year. In February, Glenn Christner became the current inspector for the city.


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