Report filed on missing Housing Authority cash

On the day the Dunkirk Housing Authority dismissed its former executive director, there was a report filed with the Dunkirk Police Department regarding missing money.

According to a report obtained through a Freedom of Information request with the city police, Rachel Braidich called the department to report a book of financial records and possibly cash were missing. She believed the person in possession of the book and cash was a part-time employee.

After Braidich was dismissed, police contacted Donna Brisky, chair of the Dunkirk Housing Authority. The report notes the cash was returned to the agency.

“(Brisky) stated that on July 2, 2019, she confronted (the part-time employee) about missing money,” the report notes. “(The employee) turned over $500 that was counted in front of Donna but there was still $50 missing.

“On July 3 … (the employee) repaid the remaining $50 so all of the money has been repaid. (Brisky) states that (the employee) was disciplined internally and is still an employee of the Housing Authority.”

At the July 16 board meeting, discussion centered around funds that were supposed to be dedicated to the July 4 picnic at the high-rise apartments. It led to Housing Authority employee Mirari Tirado to note the former executive had the funds.

“Rachel took funding from the picnic … and took the funding away from the laundromat which funded most of your events here,” Tirado told the resident who questioned the lack of the picnic.

Board members did not intervene in the conversation at the meeting. However, the July 2 police report from the Dunkirk Police Department clearly notes Braidich did not take any cash from the agency.