Wind turbine proposal for Lake Erie may come this month

OBSERVER Photo These fliers are being distributed in Chautauqua and Erie counties warning lake advocates of the potential turbines.

BUFFALO — There’s a possibility a proposal to place turbines in Lake Erie may come before the Erie County Legislature this month.

The Legislature is to meet Sept. 19 on the fourth floor of the Erie County Building regarding the possible proposal to install industrial wind turbines in Lake Erie. The proposal may be for 50 turbines to be placed in the water from Lackawanna to Dunkirk.

The meeting is open to the public but the time has yet to be determined. Those who oppose the turbines, including Sharon Trembath, an Angola resident who has coordinated a number of of the Lake Erie Beach Sweeps, says voices need to be heard.

“Those opposed to the turbines is important we support this meeting as it could be the turning point in the future of our Great Lake,” she said. “We encourage any interested parties to attend this meeting or write your legislator with your concerns.”

Just this last spring, the Diamond Wind Co. approached the Dunkirk Lighthouse committee to install a wind detection machine. It was turned down by the board of directors.


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