GOP keeps grip on Legislature

OBSERVER Photo by Natasha Matteliano Poll workers at Wheelock school and throughout area put in a long day.

OBSERVER Staff Report

All 19 Chautauqua County legislative seats were up for election with only seven facing a challenge. Here are the results:

District 1

Phillip A. Collier; Democratic, Working Families (596)

Kevin J. Muldowney; Republican, Independence (783)

Ronald P. Hall; Conservative, Libertarian (228)

District 2

Robert K. Bankoski; Democratic,Working Families, Independence (1,194)


District 3

Christopher Schaeffer; Democratic, Working Families, Libertarian, Independence (671)

Robert M. Scudder; Republican, Conservative (1,379)

District 4

Christine Starks; Democratic, Working Families, Independence (604)

Melanie L. Mann; Republican, Conservative (367)

District 5

Jeffry E. Sayers; Democratic, Working Families (425)

Terry A. Niebel; Republican, Conservative, Libertarian, Independence (1,285)

District 6

Kevin K. O’Connell; Democratic,Working Families, Independence (789)

Thomas R. Harmon; Republican Conservative (855)

District 7

Mark J. Odell; Republican, Conservative, Independence (1,043)


District 8

Pierre E. Chagnon; Republican, Conservative (1,277)


District 9

Charles C. Nazzaro; Democratic, Working Families, Independence (741)


District 10

Paul M. Wendel Jr.; Republican, Conservative (1,540)


District 11

Robert W. Whitney Jr.; Democratic, Working Families (756)


District 12

Elisabeth T. Rankin; Republican, Conservative, Independence (992)


District 13

Paul D. Whitford; Democratic, Working Families (488)


District 14

Daniel W. Pavlock; Republican (1,265)


District 15

Lisa A. Vanstrom; Republican, Conservative, Independence (1,120)


District 16

John D. Davis; Republican, Conservative, Independence (1,620)

Gerrit R. Cain; Libertarian (249)

District 17

Frank J. Gould III; Republican, Conservative (1,314)


District 18

William J. Ward; Democratic, Republican, Working Families, Libertarian, Independence (854)

Richard W. Syper; Conservative (205)

Martin J. Proctor; Cornerstone (441)

District 19

John W. Hemmer; Republican, Conservative, Independence (1,334)



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