Point Gratiot sees green improvements

OBSERVER Photo Work is underway at Point Gratiot.

Point Gratiot is seeing new development this month, as the city will spend at least the next two weeks installing a rain garden. With a joint grant achieved by the city from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the city of Dunkirk will see the removal of the old bike path asphalt and replaced with native grasses, as well as the installation of native plants and vegetated swales in targeted areas within the park.

According to a press release from Department of Planning and Development Director Rebecca Wurster, the infrastructure has been designed to increase storm water residence time, increase storm water infiltration to native soils, decrease storm water flow and discharge to the beach, improve drainage from adjacent recreational areas, and improve the aesthetic value of the park. “The city of Dunkirk is excited to partner with Erie County Soil and Water Conservation District on its Lake Erie Green Infrastructure Project,” Wurster said. “Erie County SWCD was awarded federal funds to partner with both the city of Dunkirk and the town of Evans on this project. The city’s Point Gratiot Park was chosen as a pilot program for the implementation of green infrastructure to help decrease storm water runoff to the beach and into Lake Erie to help improve water quality and to decrease beach erosion.”

While the project is ongoing the park will continue to be fully accessible to residents and visitors during this process.


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