Fredonia’s time to shine approaches

Here is a poster highlighting “Small Business Revolution” and how Fredonia is a top 10 finalist for the show.

Fredonia will be in the spotlight starting Wednesday when representatives for the show “Small Business Revolution” visit the community, which is a top 10 finalist to win $500,000. Here are some questions-and-answers regarding this major opportunity for Fredonia.

Q: What is the Small Business Revolution?

A: The Small Business Revolution is an original series by Deluxe that airs on Hulu and Amazon whose focus is to revitalize small downtown communities. After reviewing thousands of nominations from across the country, the Fredonia community was selected to be moved forward as a contender in the next season. Members of the Small Business Revolution team will visit each of the Top 10 towns. Following these town visits, they will identify the Top 5 towns who will vie for a chance to win a $500,000 revitalization from Deluxe and the Small Business Revolution.

Q: What should I do to help Fredonia win the small business revolution?

A: Put a poster in your window. Put a yard sign in front of your business or home. Be active on social media. Send information to your employees and customers.

Q: What should I do on social media to help this effort?

A: Comment about your favorite Fredonia businesses. Post pictures and share stories about why you like Fredonia. Tag Deluxe and the Small Business Revolution in your social media posts — handles are as follows:

¯ Facebook: @smallbizrev; @deluxecorp

¯ Twitter: @smbizrevolution; @deluxecorp

¯ Instagram: @smallbusinessrevolution; @deluxecorp

Use the following hashtags as applicable:

¯ #smallbusinessrevolution #deluxe #myfredonia

Take a moment to like the Small Business Revolution Page at: facebook.com/smallbizrev/ and keep an eye out for postings on this page. We anticipate that very soon there will be a specific posting for Fredonia asking the community about our favorite businesses. Make sure you comment about your favorite businesses and share photos. Remember to use the hashtags outlined in the attached plan.

Q: What happens when the Small Business Revolution visits Fredonia on Wednesday and Thursday?

A: Two representatives from Small Business Revolution, Erica and Julie, will be circulating throughout the community to meet with as many small business owners as possible. We encourage all businesses to be open on Wednesday from 4 to 6 p.m. and on Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., in the event Erica and Julie stop in.

Q: What should I do if the Small Business Revolution team visits my business?

A: Make sure the owner is available to speak on behalf of the business. You may be asked questions such as:

¯ How is your business doing?

¯ Why would I come into your business?

¯ Where did you get your business idea?

¯ Why did you start your business?

¯ What are you lacking (technical service such as planning, marketing, business planning etc.) that Deluxe could help you with?

¯ In terms of your business, what would you consider success?

¯ How are you currently marketing your business?

¯ If you gave your business a grade, what would it be?

¯ Why should the Small Business Revolution come to Fredonia?

¯ If the Small Business Revolution were to come to Fredonia, why should we choose your business?

¯ What do you like about Fredonia?

Q: How do I stay up to date on what is going on?

A: You have three options, or better yet, use them all. “LIKE” the Fredonia Community Chamber of Commerce Facebook page; watch your email; look for updated information at www.chautauquachamber.org/small-business-revolution.html.

Q: Where do I get posters and yard signs and who do I talk to if I have a question?

A: We have posters and yard signs at the Chamber of Commerce office location at 10785 Bennett Road. If you have questions you can call Michele Joy at 785-5934, Dave Kleparek at 665-5220, or Todd Tranum at 499-2167

Q: What is the timeline for everything that is going on with the Small Business Revolution?

A: ¯ Wednesday and Thursday — Interviews of small business owners and community leaders

¯ At 1:30 p.m. — Wednesday, businesses and community members are encouraged to gather for a rally at the Opera House to welcome the representatives from the Small Business Revolution.

¯ Jan. 14 — Announce Top 5 and public voting begins

¯ Jan. 21 — Public voting closes

¯ Jan. 28 — Announce winning town.