Small Business Revolution narrows list

Now that Fredonia has won the $500,000 competition, the Small Business Revolution has the grueling task of choosing what seven businesses it will be working with and spotlighting.

Deluxe’s show Small Business Revolution has left quite a mark on Fredonia already, without even filming the show yet. The show’s next move in the timeline is to narrow the list.

On Feb. 10, the show created and contacted a short list of businesses they are considering for the series. Small Business Revolution did not announce these as they are leaving it up to the businesses to tell the public if they would like. The businesses that announced they were on the short list include: Om Nohm Gluten Free, Kravitz Tree Service LLC and Infinity Gymnastics. There are presumably many more businesses on the list, but no others that have made it publicly known.

On Om Nohm Gluten Free’s Facebook page, the owner wrote “Honored to be on the short review list for SBR. Thank you #deluxe.”

The show will now be conducting one-hour video “pitch your business” in-person interviews with the businesses on the short list to make their final decision on the seven they will be investing in. These interviews will be taking place until Thursday and the final announcement of the seven businesses could come this week.

After that, the film crew will be in Fredonia starting on March 1, to begin to filming the fifth season.

A rally is set for March 6 in downtown Fredonia from 6-9 p.m.


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