Sheridan hears complaint about adult club noise

SHERIDAN — Before New York issued a moratorium on all bars, restaurants and clubs, a complaint was raised to area officials about an adult club in the area.

At the Sheridan Town Board meeting on March 11, a resident close to the Badd Kitty Club addressed the board to find out whether they have a noise ordinance.

Mark Mleczko of Sheridan spoke at the meeting. “I’m three houses away trying to watch the news and you can hear the bass bumping from the music. These people stay all night and leave at 10 o’clock in the morning, so is it a hotel?” said Mleczko. “The door should be closed at 2 o’clock and everybody should be out of there but people are staying, coming out with suitcases.”

“I don’t know how much sleeping they’re doing there,” said another attendee of the meeting.

“The state troopers told me I had to come to the town hall and see if there is a noise ordinance for after 10 p.m., or else they can’t do anything,” said Mleczko.

The town does not have an ordinance as of now. Since they are an agricultural community, it may be difficult for them to come up with one that does not disturb the agricultural district. The town said they are willing to work on the issue.

The Badd Kitty Club, which identifies itself as a “swingers club” is located at 3491 W Main St. On its website, club describes itself as a “Private, members only club for couples & singles to explore their passions and unleash their sexual fantasies.”


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