Sortisio says good-bye to Fredonia

Superintendent of Fredonia Central School Jeffrey Sortisio’s resignation was passed by the board of education at this week’s meeting.

The passing of the resignation was met with some heartfelt words by Sortisio, Brian Aldrich, president of the board, as well as others on the zoom call.

“I’ve enjoyed my time leading and working with Fredonia students, families, the community, and of course the faculty and staff,” said Sortisio. “In a relatively short time, I believe I’ve made some fairly deep connections, which makes parting ways difficult.”

Sortisio also acknowledged and thanked the administrative team. “This is an outstanding group of educational leaders who work collegiately and collaboratively,” he said. “The fact that I may have had some influence on this team is a point of personal pride.”

Sortisio finished out three years working with the Fredonia Central School district and is now leaving the district to be a superintendent for Eden Central School.

“The work that you have done here does not go unacknowledged or unappreciated,” said Aldrich. “There have been strides made that we wish we could be able to keep you longer to finish out some of those tasks, but I appreciate your dedication and hard work to make this district better.”


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