Officials: Walmart second entrance closure not a safety hazard

OBSERVER Photo by Jo Ward Officials said there are no safety or fire hazards with the closing of Walmart’s second entrance.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the local Walmart has had to address certain changes to their store and one of those is the closure of the second large door near the pharmacy.

“With the enforcement of masks and other safety measures needing to be taken the company mandated that the second entrance be closed along with three others,” store manager Brad Balentine told the OBSERVER on Thursday. “Every store in every state received the same mandate; however, all entrances are also emergency exits, so even though they are not open for entrance anyone can push on any door and it will open for them in case there is an emergency.”

“All means of egress are open and available,” said Chuck LaBarbera, chief inspections officer for the village of Fredonia. “We went and looked at all the exits and they all push out with plenty of room. Even with the barrier we feel there is no safety or fire hazard.”

Walmart has stated that pharmacy pick-up is available at car side so as to not create an extra hindrance to those just coming to the store for that.


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