Hanover hears plans for solar project

HANOVER — Another solar project is being considered for the town.

This month, the Town Board heard a proposal from John Reagan of RIC energy for a solar project at 11064 Hanover Road in Forestville. The project, called the Hanover Two solar project, would take up just over 33 acres of the 168-acre property, and be a five megawatt project, which according to Reagan, would be enough to power 2,500 average homes. Reagan said that since the initial application, RIC has been trying to garner community feedback.

“We’ve submitted the application for special permit use, required by the town of Hanover laws,” Reagan said. “When we submitted the original application on February 26, we had conversations with some of the neighbors along the road of the proposed site. We’ve modified the site plan to accommodate some of the comments and questions we heard from neighbors, and submitted the updated plan on April 2.”

The project is being developed in accordance with NYSERDA’s Community Solar Program, and should it pass, the power from the project would be sold to individual voluntary subscribers, and could save buyers around 10 percent on their electric bill.

The Hanover and Hanover Two projects each have run at 5 MW, which is a total of around 60 percent of the available capacity at the Silver Creek substation. In addition, the projects combined use roughly 65 acres of land.

“If someone developed all 16.8 Megawatts, it would be about 110 acres,” Reagan said.

The current proposal has the project set 300 feet back from the road, which was originally 200 feet. In addition, Reagan said consideration went in for the owner of the property to be able to grow grapes if he wanted to, which was also added to the proposal.

There will be a public hearing for the Hanover Two Project that will be handled by the town planning board in the near future.


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