Gowanda preparing for graduation at Hillis Field

GOWANDA — As COVID-19 regulations continue to lighten, in-person events that are held outdoors with restrictions as to how many people can be there are coming back. High schools are taking advantage of this for their end of year events, and Gowanda is no different.

Gowanda High School principal Rebekah Moraites said that Gowanda’s graduation will be held in person, outdoors at Hillis Field in Gowanda. The whole class will be there on Friday, June 25 and parents will be allowed, although there are limited tickets. Moraites said students can expect a letter going home soon with more details.

Moraites also said that the senior class advisers are planning a different celebratory event in lieu of the normal senior prom.

“They couldn’t have prom this year and they didn’t last year,” Moraites said. “So they’re planning something called Senior Night Under the Lights at Hillis Field, where they can wear their formal gear.”

Moraites said the event will feature individually wrapped dinners, an ice cream truck, and music for the students to enjoy. This will be held in early June.


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