Fredonia looks to reverse 2 local laws

Fredonia’s Board of Trustees is looking to overturn two local laws passed last year.

The board set public hearings for 7:30 p.m. Feb. 7 on measures to reverse a law that clarified trustees’ duties, and to end the village advisory team that consists of the treasurer, clerk and personnel specialist.

Trustee James Lynden — the only member of the previous board to vote against the laws — questioned village Attorney Melanie Beardsley Monday to make sure the resolutions put the village charter back to the way it was.

“What I did in each draft local law is, I took the language back to the original language in the charter prior to the adoption of the local law from last year,” she said. “So for example, the one that created the advisory committee, is entirely taken out of the charter then.”

The trustees’ duties clause in the village charter, in another law drafted by Beardsley, also has its language reverted to what it was prior to the October 2021 votes.

“If there’s something, Trustee Lynden, that you believe is not clear, please let me know,” Beardsley said. “I want it to be as clear and direct as possible.”

“I just wanted to make sure that it was clear that we were returning to what was previous … and that there was no misunderstanding,” Lynden said.

The proposed reversions of the charter represent a stark break with the previous Board of Trustees.

In 2021, EvaDawn Bashaw, Roger Britz and Scott Johnston all voted to enact the advisory board and the change in the charter on trustees.

However, Bashaw and Britz were defeated for re-election and Johnston did not run again.

When the original changes were enacted last fall, Michelle Twichell spoke out against them at the public hearing. She was running for trustee at the time. Twichell won a seat.


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