Early March property sales show some LLC ownerships

Some limited liability corporations have made some major property purchases in Chautauqua County, although the sales may not necessarily mean new ownership.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estate transactions in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the sales made in the first half of March.

Among the sales, Ryan Patti sold 338, 378 and 475 E. Livingston Ave., Celoron to Store-N-Lock of Jamestown, LLC of Jamestown for $1 million. He is listed at the company president.

Andrew and Crystal Card sold 6470 Route 5, Portland to 6470 Route 5, LLC of East Amherst for $999,999. 6470 Route 5, LLC has a formation date of Nov. 1, 2021.

Timothy and Marcie Carlson sold 73 Frew Run Road, Frewsburg to Homestead Park Campground LLC of Falconer for $915,000. Timothy Carlson is listed as the company partner.

Along with those three, there were 14 other sales during the first half of March that were $250,000 or more. They were as follows:

¯ 324 Temple St. and 179 Central Ave., Fredonia was sold for $750,000.

¯ 117 Front St. Lakewood was sold for $750,000.

¯ 6016 Orchard Ave., Chautauqua town was sold for $500,000.

¯ 6311 South Drive, Chautauqua town was sold for $455,000.

¯ A total of 123 acres on West Oak Hill Road, Ellicott sold for $422,000.

¯ 22 West Wind Drive, Ellery was sold for $375,000.

¯ 10 South Terrace Ave., Chautauqua Institution was sold for $350,000.

¯ 39 Middlesex Drive, Fredonia and property on Main Street Extension, Dunkirk was sold for $345,000.

¯ 4315 Fluvanna Townline Road, Ellery was sold for $290,000.

¯ 4856 Berry Road, Pomfret was sold for $315,000.

¯ Property on Route 474, Clymer sold for $283,000.

¯ 74 Central Ave., Fredonia was sold for $250,000.

¯ 12891 Alleghany Road, Hanover was sold to Liberatore Properties, LLC for $250,000.

¯ 489 Chestnut St., Fredonia was sold for $250,000.

The full list of sales from March 1-15 is as follows:


Nathan and Michelle Burrows sold 710 Roosevelt Ave., Dunkirk to Jose Manuel Nieves Carrasquillo and Edelmira Nieves for $94,000.

Scott and Bianca Swarthout sold 7035 Rt. 5, Portland to Miranda Updyke and Clair Updyke for $221,600.

Paul and Donna Swanson sold 11 Holdbrook St., Jamestown to Timothy Benson for $40,000.

Edward and Madeline Barnes sold 8572 Shumla Road, Arkwright to Joshua and Jerilynn Cross for $155,000.

Valerie Mann and Theresa J. Lettieri sold 133 Brad St., Jamestown back to Valerie Mann and to Andre Lettieri for $40,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP of Houston sold 3554 West Oak Hill Road, Ellicott to Andrew Carlson for $216,000.

Nilda Jaime sold 85 King St., Dunkirk to Francisco and Emerita Rios for $45,000.

Hollis A. Muir sold 11 Cayuga Circle, Chautauqua town to David Fieramusca for $175,000.

Susan Anthony sold property on Dennison Road, Hanover to Solo Grazzio Holdings, LLC of Forestville for $195,000.

Linda Fox and Roger Wolfe sold 10 Venman St., Frewsburg to Jessica Peterson for $45,000.

Melissa Tobias sold 117 Water St., Frewsburg to the town of Carroll for $7,000.

James L. Magee sold 504 E. Fifth St., Jamestown to Nate Walrod for $47,500.

The Executor of the last will and testament of Betty Jean Anderson sold 10 Hedges Ave., Jamestown to Dennis Pugh for $23,000.

Hine & Company, LLC of Jamestown sold 10 Hess St., Jamestown to Jon Williams for $65,000.

Leslie Bennett sold 228 Baker St., Jamestown to Chapin Rental Properties LLC of Jamestown for $58,000.

Daniel II and Carrie Haas sold 32 Johnson St., Fredonia to Weichert Workforce Mobility, Inc. of Morris Plains, NJ for $192,000. That company sold the property to Christina Jones for the same price.

Joyce Sheehan sold 31-35 E. Main St., Falconer to Gregory Himes for $43,000.

Lawrence and Elenore Eimers sold property on Titus Road, Sherman to the Village of Sherman for $150,000.

Loretto Latour sold 117 Front St. Lakewood to Raymond and Alicyn Kozlowski for $750,000.

Trustees of the Gurney O. Gutekunst Jr. Family Trust sold 4450 Potter Road, Chautauqua town to Kevin and Joy Braun for $95,000.

Daniel and Gail Barker sold 4315 Fluvanna Townline Road, Ellery to Brett and Eileen Stearns for $290,000.

U.S. Bank Trust National Association sold 184 West Second St., Dunkirk to Johnny Brown for $20,000.

DNL Properties LLC of Jamestown sold 517-521 W. Third St., Jamestown to Panache Salon & Day Spa, Inc. for $170,000.

THELUXURYGAME, LLC of Palm Harbor, Florida sold 2 Stearns Ave., Jamestown to Edward Hough for $23,200.

Joshua Bennett and Kelly Bennett sold 2374 Fox Road, Ashville to Donna Eschrich for $110,000.

Michael Riolo sold 253 Falconer St., Jamestown to Thomas Evanson for $79,000.

Charles Coyle and Kathleen Belko sold 6311 South Drive, Chautauqua town to Patrick and Jennifer Reagan for $455,000.

The trustee of the Nicholas Thomas Miletti Sr. Irrevocable Trust sold 43 Walnut St., Jamestown to 631 + 635 Foote Ave., LLC of East Aurora for $85,000.

Joel Rashbrook sold 7 Grant St., Jamestown to Jamestown Properties, LLC of Lockport for $130,000.

William Blakeslee and Emerald Blakeslee sold 61 Mill St., Cassadaga to Melissa Taylor for $146,000.

JJS & A, LLC of Lakewood sold property on Livingston Avenue, Jamestown to Northrup Full Circle, LLC of Ellicottville, for $25,000.

Danielle Swoger sold 13 Goodrich St., Ripley to Violet Lynn Gard for $123,600.

Jordan Ricotta and Joshua Ricotta sold 13 Shaw Ave., Jamestown to Jason Genco’s Home Maintenance, LLC of Frewsburg for $20,000.

Chautauqua Area Habitat for Humanity, Inc. of Mayville sold 35 Backman Ave., Westfield to Michele Shields for $125,000.

Great Southwest Property Investments, LLC of Palmyra, NY sold 12 Peach St., Jamestown to Dennis Rosa Alvarez and Franchesca Rosa for $60,000.

The Paul W. Roese Revocable Trust sold 6016 Orchard Ave., Chautauqua town to Carol M. Skirball Spousal Gift Trust for $500,000.

Linda and Daniel Johnson sold 8 Emory Drive, Jamestown to Franco Greco, Giuseppa Greco, Alfred Greco and David Greco for $190,000.

John Charry sold 925 Rt. 5 & 20, Hanover to Robert Bourkney for $30,000.

Kysercorp One, LLC of Westfield sold property on North Portage Road, Westfield to Denise Feinen as Trustee of the Pickett Trust for $120,000.

Uthumporn Niothanom sold 413 W. Sixth St., Jamestown to William Soto for $2,000.

Debra Mancuso sold 11 Armadillo St., Dunkirk to Allison Kozlowski for $41,000

MARCH 7-11

The Trustees under the Norman D. and Rosalie Mruk Living Trust sold 18 W. Terrace Ave., Lakewood to Amy Wienand for $249,000.

Andrew and Crystal Card sold 6470 Rt. 5, Portland to 6470 Route 5, LLC of East Amherst for $999,999.

Scott Smith sold 23 Ward. Ave., Silver Creek to Tyler Schneider for $118,000.

Brenda Jimenez sold 177 Lincoln Ave., Dunkirk to David Rodriguez for $10,000.

Douglas Bordenkircher sold 34 Robinson St., Silver Creek to Kristina and Robert Jr. Kwaizer for $105,000.

Helena Maciag sold The Seasons at Greenwood Forest Condo, Bld 2, Unit 8121 Week 52 in French Creek to William and Beverly Sass for $4,000.

Mark Abramo and Jeanne Chapman sold 3971 South Oriental Ave., Ellery to James and Janet Kosicki for $70,000.

Marcella Olmstead sold 350 Cole Ave., Jamestown to Emily Milbrand for $75,000.

Eileen Klubek sold 5438 Stockton-Hartfield Road, Stockton to Stephen and Natasha Schwartz for $230,000.

John Bushen sold property on Sager Road, Ellery to Cynthia Kim for $52,000.

Amy Fitzgerald sold 489 Chestnut St., Fredonia to Mark Kriz and Susan Kriz for $250,000.

Katherine Tilley sold 318 Hoyt St., Dunkirk to Jodi Parker for $100,000.

Julie Symack, Mark Grupa and Kevin Grupa sold 10875 South Roberts Road, Dunkirk to Shayna Jewell and Addam Tofil for $105,000

Roger and Noretta Reynolds sold Jeffrey and Diane Reynolds 5405 Rt. 62, Ellington for $1,000.

Dowiasz Rentals Inc. of Randolph sold 114 Water St., 541 Crescent St. and 335 Foote Ave., all Jamestown to A R Dowiasz Rental, Inc. of Randolph for $82,000.

Dowiasz Rentals Inc. of Randolph sold 15 and 19 Winsor St., Jamestown, and 329 W. Main St., 482 Falconer St., Jamestown, and property on Richard Avenue, all of Falconer to L J Rentals Inc. of Little Valley for $200,000.

Brittany Collins sold 724 Roosevelt Ave., Dunkirk to Maracelle Pagan for $106,000.

Chautauqua County Land Bank Corp. of Dunkirk sold 156 East Terrace Ave., Lakewood to Terry Brandow for $3,500.

Jerald Arntz sold property on Fredonia-Stockton Road, town of Pomfret to John Penharlow for $16,000.

The New York & Lake Erie Railroad of Gowanda sold three parcels in the town of Hanover to Zacharias and Alicia Schneider for $11,400

The executor for the Estate of Beverly Carlson sold property on Howard Avenue, Ellicott to James and Sharon Panebianco for $28,000.

Carlos Echevarria sold 34 Regent St., Jamestown to 169 Buena Vista Ave., LLC of Bronx, NY for $28,000.

Victor Sanchez and Michael Young sold 253 Lake Shore Drive East, Dunkirk to Moheeb Fadel for $90,000.

Troy and Cady Rinaldo sold 526 South Main St., Jamestown to Michael Pace for $134,900.

Barbara Jean and Steven Strickland sold 4092 Fluvanna Townline Road, Gerry for $150,000.

The executor of the Last Will and Testament of Eileen S. Star Batrouny sold 39 Middlesex Drive, Fredonia and property on Main Street Extension, Dunkirk to Ricardo Medina for $345,000.

Five Star Property Management LLC of Chino, Calif. sold 605 Roosevelt Ave., Dunkirk to Todd and Taylor Rowe for $125,000.

The executors of the estate of Doris A. Laspada sold 45 Crooked Brook Drive, Dunkirk to Jeffrey Kaiser for $165,000.

The trustees of the G.E. Donie and J.H. Donie Joint Revocable Trust sold 8123 Bld. 2, Week 7, Greenwood Forest, French Creek to Will and Jennifer Justason for $7,000.

Brady and Hollie Simpson sold 76 S. Main St., Cassadaga to Jrack LLC of Forestville for $75,000.

Anne Thomas sold 69 Park St., Sinclairville, to Travis Hansen for $92,700.

Lyme Allegheny Land Company, LLC of Hanover, NH sold 123 acres on West Oak Hill Road, Ellicott to Randal Stuart for $422,000.

Jennifer Pearson, Kelly Fuller and Todd Ekstrom sold 1070 Ford Peterson Road, Frewsburg to Tyler Smith for $125,000

Ryan Patti sold 338, 378 and 475 E. Livingston Avenue, Celoron to Store-N-Lock of Jamestown, LLC of Jamestown for $1 million.

Quality Hammond Properties LLC of Dewittville sold 6765 Putnam Road, Stockton to Steven Lockwood for $40,000.

The administrator of the estate of Carl Ross Destro sold 1696 Foote Avenue Extension, Kiantone to Amee Nazario for $126,063.

Mary Astry sold 4 Reese Parkway, Fredonia to Jamie and Kevin Astry for $139,900.

The Trustee of the Susan C. Luehrs Declaration of Trust sold 10 South Terrace Ave., Chautauqua Institution to Kellena L. W. Kane for $350,000.

Matthew Coyle sold 161 Eagle St., Fredonia to Jacob Delong for $86,000.

Richard Ivory and T&M Ivory Family Trust I sold 730 Bartlett Hill Road, Villenova for $136,000.

Wassink Land Company, LLC of Clymer sold property on Route 474, Clymer to Leonard C. Jr. and Mary Jo Neckers for $283,000.

Rick Allen Martin sold 24 Center St., Jamestown to Craig Miller for $34,000.

Dennis Shilling sold 116 Hall Avenue, Jamestown to Chelsea-Jade Caldara for $69,000.

Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Edmond Shults III IRA sold 224 and 226 East Terrace Avenue, Lakewood to Jason Maynard and Robin Oliver for $154,500.

The Administratix of the Estate of Ronald A. Szot sold 130 East Green St., Dunkirk to Ryan Ruiz and Lillian Thomas for $180,000.

Andrew T. Snyder sold 3761 Moon Road, Stockton to Wetlands America Trust, Inc for $2,000.

David and Claire Crawford sold 8370 Schultz Drive, Westfield to Justin and Mary Dellow for $50,000.

Phoenix House Capital LLC of Tonawanda sold 312 and 314 Lord St., Dunkirk to Abbotinch Rental Housing SPV, LLC of Oakland, NJ for $70,000.

The Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Evelyn Ostrom sold 9 East Main St., Falconer to Persnikkity Pies, LLC of Falconer for $1,500.

Andru Calimeri sold 2 Patridge St., Jamestown to Shane and Karen Marucci for $80,000.

Gary and Diane Noshay sold 12891 Alleghany Road, Hanover to Liberatore Properties, LLC of Blasdell for $250,000.

The Estate of Scott Schriber sold 48 Elm St., Mayville to Craig and Sherry Stewart for $46,500.

Buchanan Estates LLC of Dunkirk sold 151 E. Second St., Dunkirk to Yajaira and Julio Torres for $40,000.

TMA Holdings, LLC of Jamestown sold 13 Mason St., Falconer to Jason Genberg for $26,500.

Brandon Siliano sold 2854 Carpenter Pringle Road, Ashville to James and Laiken Latimer for $235,000.

Referee for Roger and Helen Levandoski sold 77 King St., Dunkirk to Deutsche Bank Trust Company for $117,611.

MARCH 14-15

David Lipari sold property on Denslow Avenue, Ellicott to Erik and Rene Silders for $20,000.

Timothy and Marcie Carlson sold 73 Frew Run Road, Frewsburg to Homestead Park Campground LLC of Falconer for $915,000.

The executor of John Parker Swanson sold 6208 Crestrview Drive, Cherry Creek to Jeffrey and Mandy Stolentenberg for $125,000.

Paul Sellarai sold 4856 Berry Road, Pomfret to Matthew Radecki for $315,000.

Sandra Spachtholz sold 24 Raymond St., Jamestown to Robin Rae Perkins for $131,000.

James and Patricia Mertz sold 22 West Wind Drive, Ellery to Charles and Lisa Gelo for $375,000.

Edward Bradford sold 2433 Wait Corners Road, Sherman to Chautauqua Real View LLC of Croton on Hudson, NY for $25,000.

John C. Van Scoter sold 74 Central Ave., Fredonia to Jennifer Wiskemann for $250,000.

Patricia A. Beach sold 350 Bucknor St., Dunkirk to Louis Chirico for $90,000.

The Executrix of the estate of Melvina A. Oakes sold 245 Curtis St., Jamestown to CMG Development, LLC of Jamestown for $28,900.

Chad and Danielle Bongiovanni sold 23 Skyeandro Drive, Fredonia to Chad Bongiovanni, Anthony Bongiovanni and Ann Bongiovanni for $9,073.

Gerald and Jacqueline Lorenzo sold 26-28 Pullman St., Brocton to Marsha Case for $175,000

Michael Quadt sold 106 Cowing St., Jamestown to Daniel Weltikol for $7,000.

Timothy Slate sold 51 E. Second St., Dunkirk to Aglae Echevarria for $8,500.

GJG Properties LLC of Randolph sold 30 Franklin St., Jamestown to Chautauqua Rentals LLC of Fredonia for $18,500.

Joseph and Patricia Brown sold 199 E. Main St., Fredonia to April Caggiano for $159,400.

The trustees of the Jerry Rochez and Mary Rochez Irrevocable Trust sold 324 Temple St. and 179 Central Ave., Fredonia to Elevate Re Holdings LLC of Buffalo and Davina Development Associates LLC of Buffalo for $750,000.

Richard Hoglund sold 106 Houston Avenue, Celoron to Corey and Grace Sands for $169,900.

Garry Helbock sold 45 Day St., Fredonia to ACC 716 Property Holdings Inc. of Amherst for $230,000.

John Haskins sold 39 N. Route 62, Ellington to Brandon Triscaari for $50,000.


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