Dunkirk Common Council tables 5K, religious info carts

The two requests tabled by the Dunkirk Common Council last week are very different but got held back for the same reason: City officials want more information.

The non-profit organization Impact wants to do a 5K run along the waterfront on Sept. 10. In addition, the local Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation wants to set up two mobile cart information kiosks under the viaduct on Central Avenue. Their proposal also suggests they will set up “in the future near local parks and the Pier grounds.”

Speaking about the 5K during the pre-meeting workshop, Police Chief David Ortolano said, “I’d like to see something a little more detailed on it… I’m hoping they come forward with a better plan than what they’ve sent in.”

Ortolano asked City Clerk Edwin Ramos to reach out to Impact for that, and the clerk agreed. The council later agreed to put off approving the race until its next meeting, set for Aug. 16.

“They’re going to have to have volunteers, traffic control. Things of that nature,” the police chief said.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses proposal contained no dates and times for the setup of their carts, and that concerned city officials.

“There’s no dates in there, they’re just going to go at random and do whatever they feel like doing?” council member Nancy Nichols wondered during the workshop. “Shouldn’t they maybe give us some dates that they plan to do it? I mean, it’s just that they could go and set up at any time.”

Council member Marty Bamonto expressed similar sentiments and asked Mayor Wilfred Rosas what he thought of the proposal. Rosas agreed more information is needed before it gets approved.

Ramos was asked to find out more information on that proposal, as well. It was also tabled until the Aug. 16 meeting.


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