Mayor says Amish not distancing

BROCTON — Mayor Richard Frost thinks everyone in the village is doing their jobs when it comes to social distancing.

Everyone, that is, except, the Amish.

“We are obeying most of the guidelines set down,” Frost said at the Brocton Board of Trustees meeting. He reminded trustees that Gov. Andrew Cuomo had just mandated that people wear masks in any situation where they cannot maintain six feet of distance from other people. “If you don’t have a mask, I suggest you get one,” he said.

However, Frost stated a few minutes later, “The Amish are unable and unwilling to accept the laws of New York state” — at least as dictated by Cuomo.

The mayor said the local Amish “still continue to gather at school and for church.” He said they are doing so for religious and moral reasons. However, he added that many Amish construction crews are still working on projects, and seemed far less agreeable to that.

“From my point of view, and from conversing with the county, they are not to be given a permit to work as a group any longer,” he said. Individuals can still work on a project, but groups of workers will not be allowed.


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