Cassadaga seeks village trustee candidates

OBSERVER Photo by Braden Carmen There remains an open seat on the Cassadaga Village Board of Trustees after the recent resignation of Rachyl Krupa. So far, the village has received little interest in filling the position.

CASSADAGA — With one spot open on the Board of Trustees and another member of the board not in attendance, the most recent meeting of the Cassadaga Village Board of Trustees featured fewer reports than usual.

After the recent resignation of Rachyl Krupa, the Cassadaga Village Board of Trustees reported minimal interest so far for vacant position. The only member of the community to express interest in the vacant position as of late November was Sean Seibert, who stated his interest in a letter to the village.

Seibert attended a recent meeting at the end of October to question the village board’s decision to hire a code enforcement officer as a village employee, rather than as a per diem contractor.

No action was taken on the vacancy at the recent meeting, as the village wanted to give more time for anyone interested to come forward.

Just like Seibert a couple meetings prior, one resident was in attendance at the recent meeting to bring a concern to the board. Rudy Abersold highlighted his concerns with the reporting of the board meeting minutes.

Abersold cited examples he took issue with going back multiple years. Among the issues he highlighted was the purchase of equipment for the village on multiple occasions and the trading in of village equipment without clear resolutions listed in the minutes Abersold cited.

“I’m not saying that this equipment wasn’t warranted,” Abersold clarified. He then went on to describe several examples of the board meeting minutes for not being specific enough to explain what actions were taken. “I don’t know what the hell you bought because of the errors in the minutes,” Abersold said.

“A lot of it is just clerical, I know … but those are the official minutes, folks. I’m just trying to make you more transparent,” Abersold said at the conclusion of his comments to the board. The board declined to answer questions from Abersold.

After public comment was entertained, the three voting members of the board in attendance — Mayor Bill Dorman, Deputy Mayor Bill Astry, and Trustee Mark Wilson — did vote to accept new contracts for general liability insurance for the village and employee health insurance plans for village employees. Both contracts showed slight rate increases, but were both similar contracts to the prior year.

The next meeting of the Village Board of Trustees is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 7 p.m.. The meeting will include a public hearing on New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, along with Energy Conservation.


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