BLOOM locations a welcome sight

14 Lodi St., home of Peggy Spears.

The members from Fredonia Garden Club and Imagine Forestville are happy to announce the 30 homes that are being recognized this year for adding beauty to the hamlet of Forestville community.

This year, three teams of three members, went around the Hamlet to nominate the yards that they felt were the most beautiful, Blooming with color, neatness, and uniqueness. They were also looking for gardens that have improved over the year.

Carol McEntarfer, secretary of the Fredonia Garden Club commented, “The teams enjoy traveling the hamlet to see the garden changes from last year. Once the teams decide on their nominees, they photograph the yards and then we all meet to decide, by voting, which of the yards will be on the BLOOM list for that year.” McEntarfer continued, “However, It is very difficult for us to decide only 30 recipients to be recognized when we have over 55 residences that were definitely noteworthy.”

The BLOOM project is sponsored by NCCF, Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation, who provided the BLOOM 2023 signs for each home selected and a BLOOM cloth bag with an entry form the recipients return in order to enter into a raffle to win gift cards.

President of Imagine Forestville, Aimee Rogers added, “This is our fifth year having a garden recognition in the hamlet! Four years participating in NCCF BLOOM, plus in 2020 we held our own garden recognition. It is wonderful that each year we have more homes added to our list of residences to consider for this community event!” Rogers continued, “We greatly appreciate this NCCF event as it encourages home owners to beautify their yards for the betterment not only their property but for the betterment of their community. What a blessing to everyone!”

20 Center St., home of Wendy Walsh.

The 30 homes recognized in the Hamlet of Forestville for BLOOM 2023 are the following:

1. 18 Academy

2. 21 Academy

3. 10498 Bradigan Rd

4. 10 Center St.

4 Swan St., home of Terry and Lori Strong.

5. 20 Center St.

6. 31 Cedar St

7. 10966 Dennison Rd

8. 111166 Dennison Rd.

9. 5 Eagle St.

10. 1952 Laona Rd

11. 14 Lodi

12. 18 Lodi

13. 19 Lodi

14. 10947 Mixer Rd

15. 1 Pearl

16. 7 Pearl

17. 8 Pearl

18. 30 Pearl

19. 34 Pearl

20. 12 Prospect

21. 2204 Route 39

22. 4 Swan St

23. 5 Water St

24. 6 Water St

25. 7 Water St

26. 9 Water St

27. 27 Water St

28. 10451 Water St

29. 10504 Water St

30. 10522 Water St

Congratulations to the winners of gift cards: 7 Water St.; 34 Pearl; 1 Pearl; 30 Pearl; 31 Cedar St.; 10 Center St.; 2204 Route 39

The team of Fredonia Garden Club and Imagine Forestville would like to thank not only NCCF for offering this community recognition but also to the residents of Forestville for bringing beauty to our community and the county.

NCCF is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt community corporation incorporated in 1986, created by and for the people of Northern Chautauqua County dedicated to a simple, powerful and highly personal approach to giving focused on local Philanthropy for the betterment of all community residents.

Imagine Forestville, formed in 2018, is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the richly historic hamlet as a welcoming rural community.

The Fredonia Garden Club’s mission was established in 1924 to preserve wildlife and the environment and encourage community beautification. The club includes several Forestville residents.


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