Trustees eye Tuesday for Fredonia water votes

OBSERVER Photo by M.J. Stafford Fredonia Trustee David Bird, right, criticizes fellow trustees for not voting on direction for the village's water system at a special meeting Friday night. Village Mayor Douglas Essek looks on.

Fredonia’s trustees put off a decision about the village water system during a special meeting Friday.

The meeting was essentially yet another discussion about next steps to take with Fredonia’s aged, citation-ridden water infrastructure. However, this time, at least four resolutions were discussed for a possible vote at the next Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday.

Trustee Jon Espersen, seconded by Trustee Nicole Siracuse, proposed a resolution on “Option 3” as laid out by LaBella in its report on Fredonia’s water. That would “draw down” the reservoir to essentially mothball it, and get water from the city of Dunkirk – and, hopefully, new wells.

Trustee James Lynden, with a second from Trustee Michelle Twichell, wanted a resolution backing “Option 1.” That would forego getting water from Dunkirk and would focus on repairing and renovating the water system.

Siracuse sought another resolution directing the village to dig test wells for a groundwater supply. LaBella originally advocated that in Option 3. But its representatives have since pointed out that Fredonia can dig test wells no matter what route it takes with its overall supply.

Mayor Douglas Essek backs what he called a hybrid – Option 1 with a new interconnection with Dunkirk, intended for emergency and backup use. It’s unclear if Essek’s plan will make it onto Tuesday’s agenda – no trustees commented on it.

Trustee David Bird was unhappy that trustees did not vote on an option Friday.

“We were here tonight to decide what to vote on,” he said at one point. “We’ve had four months to discuss this. I wasted an entire night with my kids in town (for the holidays).”

Bird expressed his displeasure again as the meeting closed without a vote, ripping his fellow trustees.

“Absolutely ridiculous,” he said.


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