Bobseine officially running for state Assembly

Mike Bobseine

First in the north county and then in the south county, Mike Bobseine of Fredonia declared his candidacy for the 150th Assembly seat in this year’s election.

Speaking to friends, family, and supporters, Bobseine referred to his wife of 40 plus years, Chautauqua County Legislator Susan Parker. “With Susan’s help and support and the help and support of all of you and the many people who have already contributed their time and energy and small donations, I am officially announcing my candidacy for the Assembly’s 150th District seat.”

Bobseine cited his years as a private attorney, school board president and member, county legislator, Family Court Magistrate, and most recently, City of Dunkirk Attorney, as qualifying him for this opportunity to run and serve.

“Our Assembly District has not had real influence in Albany for years; not since Rolly Kidder and Bill Parment were in Albany or Cathy Young served as the Senate Finance Committee Chair. We need someone with my experience and determination who can work with this state government and its leaders to truly help the people and communities in our District.”

Bobseine said, “This is the most critical election year of our lives. Our State’s Equal Rights Amendment is on the ballot. Our campaign embraces and supports its passage and its guarantees that all residents of this State are treated as equals – and that reproductive rights are forever protected.”

Bobseine said his campaign is participating in the State’s new Public Campaign Finance Program. Under the program, small dollar donations from individuals who reside in the 150th Assembly District have their campaign contributions matched with state dollars.

“We are accepting only small donations, beginning at $5. And no more than $250 in total from anyone – you must be a real person – no lobbyists, no special interests, no political action committees,” said Bobseine. “This is a true grassroots campaign. It’s district-focused and people-focused.”

“Our campaign,” Bobseine said, “is centered on the needs of the people and families of our District. At its core is the ideal that every person in the 150th District has the equal right to attain:

— A good public education;

— Affordable, accessible health care;

— A business dream or living wage employment;

— Suitable housing; and

— A life in a safe, inclusive community.”

Bobseine promised that his campaign will be focused on meeting, listening, and working with the whole of the District’s residents and communities.

“We must ensure that we are all pulling together,” Bobseine said, “so that – when we win this seat – we are all working together, to address the issues of our District and we can achieve our ideal.”

Assemblyman Andrew Goodell currently holds the 150th seat. He has not yet announced his intentions.

Andrew Molitor of Westfield, who works in the county district attorney’s office, filed his intentions to seek the seat last week.


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