Quick action: Silver Creek credits student for heroic act

OBSERVER Photos by Braden Carmen Aaliyah White, middle, is pictured with Elementary Principal Heather Krystofiak, left, and Assistant Principal Shannon Matson, right.

SILVER CREEK — Before a recent Board of Education meeting, Silver Creek Superintendent Dr. Katie Ralston welcomed a student for well-deserved recognition.

Aaliyah White, a fourth grade student at Silver Creek Elementary School, was recognized by the Board of Education for her actions to help save a student who was choking in the school cafeteria. She noticed the student was choking and alerted the nearest adult, Karen Bogosian, to help the child.

“In the cafeteria, there were several third grade classes, several fourth grade classes, and a bunch of adults, but it was Aaliyah that saw this boy in distress and knew he needed help. She recognized that she needed to go to an adult,” Bogosian said. “She came to me and said there’s a boy choking – something I hope I never, ever hear again – but I’m so glad she did because who knows where we’d be if she hadn’t. Good job, Aaliyah.”

Aaliyah received a certificate of recognition for her “quick action in an emergency situation” from the Board. She then posed for photos with Ralston, Board of Education President Martha Howard, Elementary Principal Heather Krystofiak, and Assistant Principal Shannon Matson.


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