Chautauqua Health & Fitness is staying active online

Chautauqua Health and Fitness looks forward to being able to open its doors in the D&F Plaza.

In a public health crisis like the one the world is currently experiencing with COVID-19, maintaining personal health has been of paramount concern. In order to stay healthy, one thing you can do positive for your body is try to stay physically active.

With the continuous restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it has made it more difficult for people to go to a gym or somewhere established for physical fitness. One gym that is making efforts to keep the public active, while maintaining social distancing, is Chautauqua Health & Fitness.

At Chautauqua Health & Fitness, they’re making sure that the public is able to stay physically active on their own time. If you venture to Chautauqua Health & Fitness’ Facebook, Instagram and their website they have been posting online workout videos.

“Everyday we’re trying to keep people active mentally and physically,” said Chautauqua Health & Fitness managing partner Greg Craft. “There’s a lot of things going on right now. People are having exercise and gym withdrawal and we’re looking to give people some things to do.”

They are posting around five to six times a week and most of the exercises require no special equipment and anyone with a phone or computer can follow it. Some of the videos will be short instructional videos where participants will be given the information and then can go along at their own pace, while other future videos will be longer follow along videos.

“Some of the videos will soon be full 30 minute workouts, while others have been instruction to go at their own pace,” stated Craft.

One of the workouts just requires a deck of cards which is generally a common household item. In the workout, you would assign a workout to each card like a spade would be push-up, diamond could be sit-up, hearts could be squats and clubs could be jumping jacks. When you draw a card like the eight of hearts you would do eight squats and then go throughout the whole deck at your own pace. An example video can be seen on Chautauqua Health & Fitness’ social media.

Most importantly, Chautauqua Health & Fitness is not charging for any of its online content, they just doing it for the greater good in a time of need. On top of that, none of the current members of Chautauqua Health & Fitness are being charged their membership fees.

“There’s a lot of people scared right now, there’s a lot of doom and gloom,” added Craft. “We’re not drafting our members while we’re closed. Just to continue with that theme, we decided to continue with this. People have so many things to worry about right now… it’s the right thing to do.”

Chautauqua Health and Fitness is located at 1170 Central Ave., Dunkirk. Email mellwood@getfitwny.com or call (716)363-6383. They look forward to seeing you once the pandemic is lifted.


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