People’s column

Why Mitrano needs support


When people are young, they may be driven by idealism, passion, and energy. This is good, and as it should be. What young people can’t always foresee is how easily the quest for perfection can become the enemy of what is merely better or good.

Several qualified Democratic candidates threw their caps into the Democratic primary ring, hoping to unseat Congressman Tom Reed in the mid-term election. Tracy Mitrano emerged victorious, and the other candidates rallied to her support.

This is a plea to all Democrats, especially young and new voters, to get out the vote for Tracy Mitrano, even if she was not your first choice. If you split the vote now — or worse yet, disengage from the process, you’ll be saying OK to a victory by Tom Reed and the Trump agenda.

Idealism needs to recognize the current political reality. Don’t let idealistic purity unwittingly serve Donald Trump and Tom Reed. Use your vote in a way that will count. Vote for Tracy Mitrano. Get your friends out to vote for her too.



Treat election

like a hiring


Ah, election season! Lawn signs, negative mailers, and TV ads that make me change the channel. I am treating the races on Nov. 6 like everyone should: like I’m hiring for a job. Our state Assembly representative is an important job, and I plan to hire Luke Wochensky with my vote.

My son plays football on the same fields that Luke did a generation ago. Luke Wochensky has set an example to every student and graduate of the Springville-Griffith Institute school district that a guy from humble beginnings in Colden can achieve incredible goals. In Luke’s case, that means an education and professional experience that will serve our district well in Albany.

I’ve lived in this area — small towns like Arcade, Springville, Collins and Fredonia — all my life. These small towns have been ignored by Albany. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Vote Luke Wochensky for Assembly on Nov. 6!