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Left remains in sore loser mode


This is in response to the Publisher’s notebook “Cuomo’s evolutionary hue shift to true blue” (Jan. 25) and the hatred we see of the president.

Why does Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the left hate President Donald Trump?

Perhaps it is because he is as abrasive as they are. Americans who are caring, considerate and non-confrontational are constantly being harassed by the righteous left wing ideologues.

There is finally a David, in President Trump, who is unafraid to stand up to the Goliath forces of the vicious progressives, the fake news media, the Hollywood elites and the self-serving career establishment politicians in Washington and throughout America.

They mock good honest Americans and call them deplorables because they think they are better and smarter. God is irrelevant because they worship their own intellect. The truth is that they lack basic common sense. President Trump is addressing so many serious issues that past politicians have failed to solve.

Yes, President Trump talks tough and is as pompous as they are, but unlike the liberal progressive left he puts American citizens ahead of illegals, criminals, refugees, and unequivocally supports law enforcement and the military.

The radical left is destroying America with their hatred, their disregard of law and order, and their blatant audacity as they try to suppress the freedom of speech of those who they disagree with.



Wall ignores

other issues


Drugs are coming into the country by delivery services.

Terrorists and spies are coming in through airports.

There are tunnels under the wall we have.

A wall will cut through sensitive desert habitat.

It will cut off migration routes.

That would kill any animal that needs to travel to live.

There is a Native American community that will be cut in half.

There are better ways to spend the money. Detroit still does not have water.

There are plenty of roads and bridges that need to be fixed.




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