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Nothing changes in Fredonia


The voters in November wanted a change so they elected a new mayor. But they didn’t want enough change to make a difference.

Case in point: When Doug Essek was elected mayor, the three Democrats who were elected — instead of doing the right thing by appointing the next highest vote getter to fill his trustee’s seat — went out of their way to find a like-minded woman who would be just like the one just defeated in the election. They appointed EvaDawn Bashaw, who didn’t even want to be trustee enough to run for the office.

Good choice for James Lynden and Kara Christina. who need a mother figure to do their thinking for them.

Now we have another woman who wants all of the power and will get rid of anyone that doesn’t agree with her. The new mayor and board will have to work their way through a budget without the help or knowledge of James Sedota or Lori Richardson. Way to go!

So, when things go south, they will try to blame the mayor, but keep in mind, he has no vote. Just Bashaw with her three votes with Roger Britz and Roger Pacos.

To help out with the budget process the village wanted to hire an accounting firm. When Richard St. George resigned, it was proposed to use Baghat Laurito-Baghat to help with an audit, but because they worked for the town of Pomfret, there could be a conflict of interest.

Wait, what?

So they appoint Bashaw who works directly for the town as tax collector or whatever her title is, and that wasn’t a conflict of interest and now because she has caused a shortage of knowledgeable help, there is not a conflict to use that same firm. It sounds like the old regime is still in power, still using their power to do things as they want the way they want when they want.

Nothing has changed. I would think that Dan Gard, the village attorney, might have something to say about all of this but not a word. Oh wait. He isn’t a village resident so this is just a paycheck for him, what does he care? He has no stake in anything that goes on in the village as long as he gets paid.

For the next two years, Bashaw will run roughshod over the board because she has the votes to get anything done that she wants to and can block anything that she doesn’t like. Keep up the good work Roger and Roger. People will be watching.



Council ignoring city residents


The recent Dunkirk Common Council meeting was the first attempt of holding a live broadcasted meeting. The broadcast went well for the first attempt, but with any first time there is aways room for improvement.

Viewing on cable access, there were a few times audio was lost among the council. There were many times Mayor Wilfred Rosas was attempting to have the privilege to comment, but was never acknowledged by the council. The people out in cable land heard him very clearly, but why didn’t the council members?

I fully understand the need for social distancing, but why weren’t the mayor, the city attorney and Randy Woodbury invited to attend the council meeting? They can sit in the viewing area, 6 feet apart. A microphone can be set up which they can walk up to and speak into as needed.

The privilege of the floor provides the Dunkirk citizens an opportunity to have their voices heard. They elected the council and they don’t expect the body to take that right away. When meetings are “live” and in person anyone who wants to speak is provided the opportunity despite what their topic is. During this past meeting a letter had to be emailed, mailed, or handed in by noon the day of the meeting with other stipulations to be read during privilege of the floor.

This information was provided to the city residents in the newspaper that same day. Really? Regardless the time an email is received and regardless its content, if the person’s name is on it the letter should be read. You should not take away a person’s right to voice a concern, opinion or anything else they wanted to say during the privilege of the floor.

In closing, I hope we as a city can move forward as a positive, cohesive unit.




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