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Respect is shown

by listening


Recently I was asked why I did not speak at the “Black Lives Matter” rally in Dunkirk.

The reason is simple. I went to the rally to support the peaceful demonstration, not to draw attention to myself or to score political points.

When I was unexpectedly asked if I wanted to speak, I was at the very back of a large crowd and I did not want to delay the program. Others had spoken eloquently, and I was proud of their comments.

Sometimes we show more respect by listening and not talking.


minority leader,

state Assembly

Food Banks still need help


Recently, I received at thank you note for a donation to the Fredonia Food Bank. The note included a heart-wrenching description of what many of our friends and neighbors are experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The section of the note that impressed, and depressed, me most was: “The last couple of months people have shown up who have never before had to seek any kind of assistance. They seem embarrassed and often apologize for their circumstance.” I know, from experience, that our Fredonia community is quick to respond to the needs of others.

I ask all readers to make any donation they can to: Fredonia Food Bank, Fredonia Presbyterian Church, Central Avenue, Fredonia, NY 14063,

If the situation was reversed, the people we are helping would be us.

Please stay healthy.



Many ‘voiceless’ need advocates


Scripture relates, the Lord, God said: Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, I knew you. I called you by name.

I speak for all the unborn who are voiceless.


Silver Creek


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